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Written By Manisha Snoyer (co-founder of Modulo)

ST Math was created by the MIND Research Institute, a nonprofit organization focusing on neuroscience and education. The program was co-founded by Dr. Matthew Peterson, a neuroscientist with a background in transformative education through technology. Dr. Peterson, who is dyslexic, designed ST Math to aid in overcoming the challenges he faced with traditional text-based math, leading to a unique visual approach to learning mathematics. ST Math has reached over 1.8 million students across 5,725 schools, reflecting its significant impact and success​ (ST Math)​​ (Getting Smart)​.

Differentiation: What Makes ST Math Special

What sets ST Math apart is its patented approach that uses spatial-temporal reasoning to help students visualize math concepts before connecting them to the symbolic language of mathematics. This method is particularly effective for diverse learners, including English language learners and students with learning differences, as it bypasses language barriers and allows for direct interaction with mathematical concepts through intuitive puzzles​ (ST Math)​.

How to Get Started

Parents interested in ST Math for homeschooling can access it through various subscription plans offered on the ST Math website. The program is designed as an open-and-go resource, meaning little to no prep time is required from the parents, and it can be used as a supplementary tool alongside other curricula or as a standalone math program.

How It Works

ST Math is primarily a self-guided program where students progress through levels by solving visually-based puzzles that represent mathematical concepts. The program recommends regular sessions of 90 minutes per week, which can be broken into smaller increments to fit daily schedules. It's designed to promote independent learning, but parent involvement can enhance understanding and engagement​ (ST Math)​.

Educational Subjects Included

ST Math covers a comprehensive range of mathematical topics from kindergarten through 8th grade, including but not limited to:

  • Number Sense

  • Algebraic Thinking

  • Geometry

  • Measurement and Data

  • Probability and Statistics

What’s Good About It

Users often praise ST Math for its engaging, interactive puzzles that significantly improve problem-solving skills and help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts without the pressure of timed tests or rote memorization. The program’s ability to adapt to the individual learner’s pace is also a noted benefit​ (ST Math)​​ (ST Math)​.

What Could Be Improved

While ST Math is highly effective in visual and interactive learning, some users feel that there could be more direct instruction or guidance for students who may struggle with interpreting the visual puzzles. Additionally, some parents have noted that their children require additional resources for practicing mathematical computations more traditionally, as ST Math focuses heavily on conceptual understanding​ (ST Math)​.

Advice from Parents

Parents recommend supplementing ST Math with traditional problem-solving exercises to balance its conceptual approach. Engaging with children during sessions and discussing the puzzles can also help deepen their understanding and make the learning experience more comprehensive and enjoyable​ (ST Math)​.

Ideal Fit

ST Math is ideal for students who thrive in interactive and visually stimulating learning environments. It suits learners who prefer to understand the 'why' behind math concepts before moving into abstract symbolic representations. It's also well-suited for learners with language barriers or those who struggle with traditional text-based learning​ (ST Math)​.

Probably Not a Fit For

ST Math might not be the best fit for students who require immediate, direct instructional feedback or those who benefit from a more traditional approach focusing on numerical computations and direct problem-solving instructions​ (ST Math)​.


ST Math is designed for students in grades K-8.


The subscription costs vary, typically ranging from $100 to $200 per year depending on the specific plan and any applicable discounts.

Ways to Get It

ST Math can be accessed via a subscription through their official website, where various plans are offered to fit different educational needs and budgets​ (ST Math)​.

This comprehensive review outlines the unique approach and extensive benefits of using ST Math for homeschooling, providing a math learning experience that is both effective and engaging.

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Manisha Snoyer (co-founder of Modulo)

For the last 20 years, I’ve taught over 2000 children in 3 countries (of all socio-economic backgrounds). I pioneered an English language program in a conflict region in the Middle East. I’ve worked as a bilingual public school teacher at some of the highest and lowest performing public schools and in all five boroughs of NYC. I’ve tutored 18 subjects in three languages to some of the wealthiest families in NYC, San Francisco and Paris to make up for shortcomings in private schools they were paying up to $60,000 a year to attend.

Since 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of parents start microschools (way before this was a household buzzword). I founded CottageClass, the first marketplace for microschools and learning pods that was part of the Techstars 2018 class. In 2019, I created a virtual learning program to help families through the pandemic, a free online math tutoring program (, and, a hotline developed in collaboration with Twilio and 80 other partners including Khan Academy, Revolution Foods and the Crisis Text Line, that served 100,000 families impacted by school closures.

I’ve climbed trees with children in forest schools in San Francisco, and tested new digital apps with kids in seven countries.

I’ve also coached dozens of families at different stages in their homeschooling journey. Most recently, I founded Modulo with homeschooling dad, best-selling author and tech entrepreneur Eric Ries, to help families curate their children’s education, social and childcare experiences drawing from a diverse array of in-person and online resources.

During the last three years, I’ve devoted much of my time to reviewing and testing secular homeschooling curriculum and other resource. I’ve spent the last three years talking to thousands of secular homeschooling families, and poring over tens of thousands of secular curriculum reviews and testing physical curriculum and digital apps for with hundreds of students to find the highest quality, most engaging, personalized learning materials for every type of learner.

I’ve spoken about homeschooling and modular learning at multiple venues including SXSW EDU, NY Tech Meetup, and on the LiberatedEd podcast.

In 2022, Modulo was one of 8 organizations who were awarded the Bridge Grant from the Vela Education Fund to expand access to homeschooling and modular learning to under-resourced communities.

My experience in education and homeschooling has led me to believe that there is no perfect education for every child, but families have an extraordinary amount of wisdom they can apply to building the perfect education for their individual child.

My goal with Modulo is to make it possible for any family to easily build a customized education that their child will love, and that will empower the whole family to thrive, taking into account, social, emotional and academic needs.

I love to answer questions from parents and receive feedback on how we can improve Modulo, so feel free to reach out anytime! I personally answer all the questions and comments readers leave on my blogs.

In my free time, I like hiking, traveling the world, tasting ceremonial grade matcha, enjoying dark chocolate.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brandeis University with highest honors, with a double degree in French Literature and American Studies and minors in Environmental Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies.

And I love to learn!

ST Math Review: Expert Insights for K-8 Homeschooling | Modulo (2024)


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