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SnowKing2 years ago(+1)

has proud father been kick off this web site


FaceCrap2 years ago (1 edit)

was wondering the same thing, I noticed after a search onDuckDuckGo that there apparently was an update to 0.9 posted,but the description mentioned

"ProudFather0.9. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android. Download. This game's files have been suspended by an administrator. Contact support if you need assistance."

So it looks like they're having an issue with the game...


FaceCrap2 years ago

Ok, just read his discord announcement... he stopped with Itch so it's only subscribestar


jamie_622 years ago

Do you have a link to it? I tried searching for it but couldn't find it on subscribestar


Chr1stown2 years ago

was it complete? was there going to be anymore updates??


FaceCrap2 years ago (1 edit) (+1)

Still getting updates, so not complete yet...

"New update 0.9 will be public on the 23rd."


M0nst3r-m4n315 days ago(+8)

proud father writer has been arrested, their saying the game despicted child abuse and its illegall to do storys like this in australlia....not one of the girls in the story was a minor this is absurb he didnt write about minors at all if he had then yes hang himbut he didnt....they confiscated everything he had... its on google look it up look up AFP arrest man in geelong aus, over a game. despicting child abuse. the took all his collectibles and everything. if the story despicted kids in anyway i would have reported it but all woman in the story was 18+.....


Ansel Games Game Jam315 days ago(+3)

That's horrible


lemme_eat_your_pvssy313 days ago (5 edits) (+13)

Well Australia is the place where not only is GTA banned buta guy wassentencedto a year for having a lewd of Lisa Simpson naked on his PC (same as real CP, according to them). They consider cartoons and real kids the same thing so this really shouldn't be surprising. Now he's looking at 15 years in prison for CP production. Would have been better to move to China or North Korea first and do it there, 2020's Australia is worse than 1930's Nazi Germany. And not only that those 18-disclaimers don't mean sh*t. They are fictional cartoons so don't have birth certificates or biological ages (so where's the victim?). Besides that the story didn't back up that everyone -is-18 claimat all. Like if Zoe was 18+ why would she need the MC to adopt her? She could have simply left. And not only that the AVN had an age-setter, no unrenning/code hacking required. The lolis looked 12 so that's what I set their ages at in my playthrough.I really wish there was a 1-world gov't already and sh*t laws like thiswere simplified to : If it disgusts you, then quit looking at it; people and even pedos can fap to whatever fictional cartoons they want in the privacy of their own homes.


Prov2274 days ago(+10)

Damn can't believe he got arrested. Yea it really is a simple issue for me. Fictional characters cannot be abused. Period. Even if he was rendering the most godawful rape p*rn it's still just something he made on his computer. There is no victim. I don't know why they try and pretend this leads to anything real when it does the opposite and gives that energy a place to go that is total fantasy, and that's assuming people into stuff like this automatically translate those desires to reality which they don't. If a kidplays a game asa knight do you arrest them for stabbing? No.I labelled the younger ones as 15 cause that's as comfortably low as I can fantasize and the idea of actual minors as sexual disgusts me. This is a frightened system breaking people they don't properly understand. This was such a hot and wholesome game too I'm sad it's done.


lemme_eat_your_pvssy274 days ago(+3)

Yeah some totalitarian-leaning countries seem to want the ones that like 'em young to move on to the real thing (obviously that's far far worse with actual victims/collateral damage than just having a private fap to fictional ones). With trying to remove all outlets andsince they both pretty much have the same penalty the reasons why not to boil down to their personal fear/morals if the legal risk is the same whether real or fictional.


mrdrasher276 days ago(+3)

when starting the game it asks for names and ages and those ages can be set to below 18 years of age. that may have been his downside even though the disclaimers say everybody's 18 of age


lemme_eat_your_pvssy274 days ago (1 edit) (+3)

In Aus it certainly didn't help his defense, but probably wouldn't have mattered anyway in a country where Bart Simpson has legally been considered 10 since 2008 for CP prosecution purposes (even though there's never been a directmention of his age in over 750 episodes). I'm surprised p*rn at all is allowed there and they simply didn't go the Singapore/China route (all p*rn banned, whether real or drawn/rendered).

lemme_eat_your_pvssy274 days ago (1 edit) (+3)

No they weren't. Despite the ad nauseum disclaimers the story canon didn't support the usual everyone-is-18 crap. Example: if Zoe was 18 why would she need the MC to adopt her? She could have simply left her sh*tty parents home, got a job, and her own place. Besides that they are cartoons not based on anyone real, so technically the only ages they have is their creation date in Daz (ie created 3 years ago = 3yo). Luckily I'm in a country where the feds have to prioritize (usually real CP is way over trying to go for some obscenity case based on some fictional cartoon storythat 99% of the time the prosecution loses on the rare occassions it's even attenpted, unless it also gets added to a list of other offenses tied to real CP). The FBI only has like 35k agents vs 5B internet users, a large % of which don't give a f*ck. Mr. Double was the last one to get sentenced to 40 years for obscenity a couple years ago, and he got away with it for 23 years (not just disgusting stories on his website, but he was basing them on the real exploits of actual real child rapists/murderers submitted to him to publish on his site, which was what ultimately screwed him as some of them were busted for more serious chip-rape-related charges and had his site on their PC's). In 2019 alone there were over 19 million reports of cartoon CP.At the end of the day they are so overwhelmed in the 2020's if you try to report naked carton kids they will sometimes outrighttell you to quit bothering them withfictional p*rn reports if it's not real, particularly after a ruling in California that ruled that if there's no real victim to protect then it's legal, at least in CA. And as mentioned earlier successfuly prosecuting someone in the US under federal obscenity chargesalone is notoriously difficult, 99% of the time they waste their time and taxpayer money when they lose, so most DA's/AG's will not bother. Might as well simplify things and simply get rid of obscenity laws altogether and replace it with : if you don't like it then quit looking at it. There's already separate CP laws on the books to deal with that when there's real victims to protect.


straightguy90309 days ago(+2)

In short, this game is gone and never coming back?


FaceCrap308 days ago (2 edits) (+5)

Gone for now, maybe never coming back, since they seized all the dev's belongings. Furniture, equipment, collectibles, you name it.
And if it's ever coming back, which at this point I highly doubt considering the dev is probably looking at either a long jail time or a very hefty fine, either way it'll never be the same again.
Since this is the first seize on this scale, they're probably going to make an example of him.


straightguy90308 days ago(+1)

I just wish that we could hear from the guy himself about the situation and its future.


lemme_eat_your_pvssy274 days ago(+2)

His lawyer probably advised his to stay away from the internet until the case is finished and after he gets out of prison, nevermind p*rn sites or his personal platforms (that he'd have to open again, since those were probably the first thingsseized by the pigs).


FaceCrap308 days ago (2 edits) (+3)

And him risking even more sh*t? He'd be stupid to show his face inhere after getting arrested and being out on parole until his hearing trial. Besides, he's probably even being straight up forbidden to talk about the case. The only thing we can do is wait till this whole ordeal is over and done with. If he's smart, then he won't risk anything by divulging his plans before this is over.


khaelin02297 days ago(+8)

I'm really going to missProud Father.I've seen other VN's that are more violent, death and even rape that are still going on. This one seemed the most tame as far as smols went, they all wanted him too. I was excited the MC and sister would be able to raise them together after being married, and hoping for a nice conclusion for it. Also really liked the girls were not shy from having fun with each other, I was hoping to see his twins together more after they had kissed each other. I really liked the story, and yes it's fake, and yes it's fantasy, but dang it, the smols seemed like they really loved him, and the others and his sister.


DsasterLegacy242 days ago(+3)

Yes! Like, this was the most soft and mostly of times, "wholesome" that made you emotional invest in some decisions along the story... Now that I read the context behind, well... JumpJump, a The Loud House fan-artist, was arrested for drawing the characters also in Australia, so now I know why, still, feels stupid to have extremely measures against fictional instead of having real CP


nbkdelta1292 days ago(+2)

can you send me his discord link thx


lemme_eat_your_pvssy274 days ago(+4)

it was probably banned /closed at the request of Aus pigs. Or they could have simply closed it on their own after beign made aware of it, they are not loli friendly.


tyronegt3281 days ago(+7)

was wondering what the heck happened thanks for the info


mrdrasher276 days ago(+6)

I was just looking for an update version of the game to find all this out it's crazy


ArchAngelAries271 days ago(+7)

Damn... Really loved Proud Father. So sad, hope Westy doesn't get railroaded. Characters were petite bodied, but some people like small chested short girls. Australia should really focus on actual CSAM predators, not authors of characters written and depicted to be 18+


Deaths Reapers262 days ago(+6)

That is really upsetting to hear about that been following the game for a long time, really sad to see it go after so long.


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