Proud Father Game APK v0.13.6 - Free Download - APKWIFI (2024)

Proud Father Game APK v0.13.6 - Free Download - APKWIFI (1)

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Proud Father Game is a role-playing game with an interesting storyline. Download now and enjoy!…

Proud Father Game is a role-playing game with an interesting storyline. Download now and enjoy!


Do you want to play the role of a proud father? If so, in this role-playing game, you will experience something very different. Unlike any other online game, Proud Father Game APK offers an exciting opportunity to learn new skills and have fun at the same time. Yes, in this RPG, you will learn the basic skills that parents, usually a father, need to help their child grow and nourish themselves.

Nevertheless, a daughter is a big responsibility on a father’s shoulders. In order to nourish a daughter, a father should know how to manage different tasks and responsibilities to create a better future for his daughter. A typical father cares for his child from the day she is born until his last breath. In this game, you will experience all these things. Whether you are a parent or will be a parent in the future, there is a lot to learn, and surely you will enjoy this game a lot.

Don’t ignore the fact that every one of us will be a parent in the future. If we have a child, we have a big responsibility. There are certain things that our child may not share with us. Therefore, parents must provide an environment where a child nourishes in a natural way. Hence, this game holds immense importance in that sense if you really want to have a better future for your child.

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About the Proud Father Game

The Proud Father Game is not just a game for fun. Indeed, it offers you an amazing opportunity to experience parenting. Having the only father of a female child whose mother is not alive is a very difficult situation. Similar situations you will face in this role-playing game. You will need to care for all the basic needs of your daughter. The character of your child will reflect your character. Therefore, be cautious when encountering your daughter.

Moreover, this game allows you to teach skills to your child. You must remember to teach her the value of discipline, hard work, consistency, determination, etc. You can teach her any values you want. The rest of the story is up to you. You can fold the story into any shape you want. Your actions and decisions will shape the fate of the story.

Nevertheless, the app offers you cool features. In addition to the interesting storyline, you will also enjoy the graphics of the game. Every character has a unique feature. You can also customize characters based on your preferences. Also, every mission in this game offers you an opportunity to enjoy the game to its full potential.

Key Features of the Proud Father Game

  • Storyline: You can shape the story of the game. Your actions will matter a lot in this game. However, the basic plot of the game will remain the same. You are the hero of this story. So, you can create the story you want to show your child.
  • Graphics: There is no doubt that role-playing games are useless without good-quality graphics. That’s why this app offers you high-quality graphics.
  • Customization: There are different customization options available for you. You can use them to bring more energy and entertainment to your story. For instance, you can customize the sound, texts, and many other elements in the game.
  • Save and Replay: If you want to leave the game in the middle, don’t worry. You can always save the game at any time and restart from where you left off. Moreover, you can use the replay option to see what happened previously in the game.
  • Single Player Support: This app does not support multiplayer mode. But don’t worry. You can still enjoy the single-player mode, where you will act as the central player in the whole story.


To sum up, Proud Father Game invites you to experience a new adventure where you will have a lot of fun. It will not only be fun, but you will also act as a responsible father who has to take care of his child. Your child is your responsibility. Her future entirely depends on your choices and actions. So, be careful when you take any action. Get ready to experience something that you may not have experienced in your life, i.e., parenting. So, download Proud Father APK now and start your journey.


Proud Father Game APK v0.13.6 - Free Download - APKWIFI (2024)


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