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It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new winery opening in Virginia. From boutique-style family-owned estates to innovative and sustainable wineries, Virginia’s newest additions beckon wine lovers of all levels with promises of discovery and delight.

Capstone Vineyards

13400 Crimson Lane, Linden, VA 22642

Capstone Vineyards is a small, family-run operation owned by three local families and focused on creating small production wines of exceptional quality on an elevated site on the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Reservations recommended.

Crimson Lane Vineyards

13334 Crimson Lane, Linden, VA 22642

Owner Tom Herrity had a personal dream to own a vineyard, make great wine, and create memorable experiences inspired by the community of wine. Together, he and his wife Deanna—she herself came from a family background of winemaking practices—opened Crimson Lane Vineyards in 2023. 21 and up restrictions.

Tom’s brother-in-law, Dominick Fioresi, grew up in a lively Italian family that made homemade wine, and became the winemaker at Crimson Lane. Wines here are created by hand—old school style—because they believe the closer they are to each step of the winemaking process, the more they can preserve the product’s integrity.

Domaine Fortier Vineyards

13235 Milltown Road, Lovettsville, VA 20180

Domaine Fortier Vineyards is a boutique winery opened by Dr. Stephen Fortier and Jennifer Volk-Fortier focused on small lot, hand-crafted, high-quality wines. Register in advance for a discount on your wine tasting.

Everleigh Vineyards & Brewing Company

9845 Jefferson Highway, Mineral VA 23117

Everleigh Vineyards is a family-owned boutique winery located near Lake Anna and opened in 2022. Originally, the plan was to only provide grapes to other wineries, but plans change, and owners Joe and Barbara Evers decided to make their own wine. Their son Ryan was interested in cidermaking, so a cidery was added to the winery, along with a brewery.

Firefly Cellars

40325 Charles Town Pike, Hamilton, VA 20158

Owner Andrea Pierleonardi and his family are no strangers to running a family-owned business, having operated Pest Management Services, Inc. for more than 30 years. However, they yearned for a unique experience. Reimagined from the former Hunter’s Run Winery, they opened Firefly Cellars in 2022 in the cozy tasting barn. Family is important, and everywhere you look, you’ll find family touches—from the young daughters running through the vines to the family-created artwork.

Firefly offers a European-style wine cellar called The Cellar for a private tasting experience for groups up to 12 people. Or make it a weekend and stay in the private, one-bedroom The Cottage at Firefly Cellars, a peaceful Airbnb escape offering a hot tub, firepit, swimming in the private pool (summer), and views of the neighboring property’s horses. 21 and up restrictions.

Good Spirit Farm

35113 Snickersville Turnpike, Round Hill, VA 20141

Good Spirit Farm’s name was derived from the translation of owners Mike and Luanne’s last name, Gutermuth, and features a family-owned winery, garden, guest house, and gathering space for Virginia wine lovers. Enjoy their wines and leave with a bouquet from their cut flower garden. Food is available, but you can bring your own food as well, along with your children and leashed dog.

Kalero Vineyard

36140 Charles Town Pike, Purcellville, VA 20132

Set on a 130-acre farm, the heart of Kalero Vineyard is its historic 2,400 square foot 1834-era Heartstone Barn, named for a heart-shaped stone found on the property by the owners’ twin daughters. Fully restored with an extensive renovation to serve as both a tasting room and an event space, Kalero Vineyard is positioned as a wedding destination.

Kalero offers tastings of its 14 varietals—but only on Fridays from 1 PM to 7 PM, Sundays 1 PM to 5 PM or by appointment (tasting room could be closed for private events); 21 and older restrictions. Come enjoy their monthly brunch.

Nokesville Winery

12593 Foremost Court, Nokesville, VA 20181

Nokesville Winery is a small farm winery and vineyard located in the heart of Nokesville and focused on soil-to-bottle production. Take a private winery tour and tasting experience with the owner or winemaker. Kid and pet friendly.

The Winery at Sunshine Ridge Farm

15850 Sunshine Ridge Lane, Gainesville, VA 20155

Owner Maria Rafferty brought with her the talents and experience of three generations of family to create the experience of a rustic wine tasting room and an old pub-style brewery with large fireplaces at The Winery at Sunshine Ridge Farm.

Located on Lake Manassas in Gainesville, guests can enjoy wine, beer, cider and seltzer, along with food trucks and live music on the weekends. The winery features the lodge-style tasting room, an upstairs gallery with lake views, an outdoor pergola with its large wraparound porch, and the lawn with its lake breezes. Age 16 and up restrictions/no infants. No cash on site; credit card payments only. Interior reservations recommended/2 hour limit.

Also New

Barrels and Tanks Winemaker Incubator

Eastwood Farm and Winery, near Charlottesville, launched the first phase of the Barrels and Tanks winemaker incubator in February 2024 off its main production area to offer five winemaker suites where independent winemakers can anchor their license and make their own wines. Pop-up free tastings of each winemaker are available on Friday evenings, along with a special menu featuring these wines.

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New Tasting Room
and Cigar Lounge:
50 West Winery

50 West Winery and Vineyard opened its new two-story tasting room and patio in October 2023 and owner Christopher Key is proud to announce two new additions coming later this year: a Cigar Lounge, housed in a separate building with a smoke filtration system and the creation of a sparkling wine.

All photos credit Linda Barrett


Explore Virginia’s Newest Wineries - TysonsToday (2024)


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