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If you’re like most parents, you are always on the lookout for the next fun thing to entertain your kiddos. If you haven’t been to Sky Zone, you are missing out.

At Twin Cities Kids Club, it’s our mission to encourage you in your parenting journey! Join the club for access to exclusive discounts and events throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.

What is Sky Zone Trampoline Park?

As a family, we recently had the chance to visit Sky Zone in Blaine, MN. We had an excellent time! Based on our experience, many different ages of people would be able to come and enjoy themselves.

The staff was amicable and helpful. Don’t worry about setting aside an entire day; two hours is probably more than enough time. Younger children might not even make it that long. By the time your jump time is up, you are definitely sweaty, tired, and hungry 🙂

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. The franchise got its start in Las Vegas but has jump parks all over the country now. There are four locations within the Twin Cities Metro: Blaine, Edina, Maple Grove & Oakdale.

Before You Arrive

Visit their website to make a reservation for a jump time and to sign the online waiver. Sky Zone requires every jumper to fill out a waiver at each franchise you visit. Waivers are offered on-site or online and are valid for 365 days.

Definitely FILL THE WAIVER OUT ONLINE AT HOME BEFORE YOU GO. This step will make everything so much easier for parents and kids!

If you are looking for a time to visit when there are not many people, plan on going in the morning after they open on weekdays. Weekends are busier than weekdays–especially if there are birthday parties scheduled that day.

Jumping requires SkySocks. You must purchase these at $3.00 a pair. Save your socks after your visit because Sky Zone allows you to reuse the socks!


If they can walk, they can bounce!

Trampolines are padded, and the rules state that there cannot be more than one jumper per trampoline square. People mostly follow these rules. If staff see more than one jumper, they try hard to enforce the rules.

A jumper cannot hold babies, so if you’re bringing a non-walker, make sure your other kids can handle themselves comfortably on the trampolines.

All ages can jump, including children under the age of 5 during their regular jumping hours. If you are worried about your small kid getting trampled by an older child, visit the park during “Toddler Time.”

As a bonus, they do have GLOW nights for the older kids on Friday and Saturday nights!


Activities at the park vary depending on location. Attractions include:

  • Freestyle Jump- These trampolines are for any kind of jumping
  • Ultimate Dodgeball- Classic dodge ball game to a whole new level. Avoid the flying dodgeball by jumping & bouncing to avoid ball ( Great for the older kids to play, if you have little ones, you might want to avoid this area)
  • Fusion Ultimate Dodgeball- Pad-less trampoline courts (Great for the die-hard dodge ball fans)
  • Skyclimb- Climb, jump, and fly across a challenging course while securely harnessed from above on an auto belay system. (Currently Closed because of COVID)
  • Warped Wall- See if you can make it up the platforms of varying heights
  • Skyjoust- Gladiator-style combat, taking place on pedestals over a foam pit or airbag. If you can keep your balance, you’ve still got to knock the other contestants off of theirs
  • Skyladder- Balance Challenge
  • Foam Zone- Bounce off of the trampoline into the foam pit!
  • Skyslam- Practice your dunking skills on their trampoline courts
  • Skyhoops- Challenge a friend as they try to block your shots, and you block theirs.
  • Toddler Zone- Part of the Freestyle area, where little kids can bounce and jump without worrying about getting trampled by the big kids.

Tips When Visiting:

The locations do have cubbies for your personal items to be stored while the kids are playing.

Outside food and drink are not allowed in the trampoline park. You can purchase snacks, like candy, chips, and pizza, at the Fuel Zone. Rehydrate with slushies and several other beverages, like pop, water, Gatorade.

To save money, pack some snacks to eat during the drive home.

Dress the kids in short sleeves because they will be sweaty by the end of their jump time.

If jumping isn’t your thing, they have massage chairs for the parents that would like to relax while the kids are going ham in the park!


  • 60 minutes for $15.99
  • 90 minutes for $19.99
  • 120 minutes for $23.99

GrouponEverything You Need to Know About Sky Zone Blaine | TwinCitiesKidsClub.com (11) has a deal going right now. Get a 90 minute jump pass for one person $10, normally $21.41. You can also get a basic party package for up to 10 people for $110, normally $190.


SkyFit (Maple Grove Only)

Usually held on Saturday mornings. “Burn up to 1,000 calories while having a blast. Feel that oh-so-rewarding burn in your legs, arms, and core over an hour of fitness disguised as fun. It’s one of the most dynamic, effective, and enjoyable workouts you’ll ever have.”

Cost: $12/available to ages 14 & Older (Does not include SkySocks but you can purchase them for $3/pair)


Lasers, music, and blacklights transform the whole park into an awesome jumping dance club. Friday & Saturday nights from 8 pm – 11 pm and available to ages six and older.

*Climbing attractions are not available during GLOW.

*Waivers are required for all persons entering the park during glow.

Cost: $15.99/60 Minutes, $19.99/90 Minutes, $23.99/120 Minutes. (Does not include SkySocks but you can purchase them for $3/pair)

Toddler Time

For caregivers with children ages five and under, we recommend SkyZone’s special Toddler Time. Typically takes place Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 11:00 am but check your locations hours and calendar page for date-specific availability (especially during the holiday season).

During Toddler Time, the only attractions that are available are the Freestyle Jump and the Foam Zone. You can check out the other attractions during regular hours. Parents/adults are encouraged to jump during toddler time.

Cost: $10 Admits one adult and one child ages five and under. (Does not include SkySocks but you can purchase them for $3/pair)

Birthday Parties

If the idea of having a bunch of kids jump around your house isn’t what you have in mind, Sky Zone is ideal for groups of 10 kids for birthday parties and other celebrations.

The kids will have a great time, and you don’t have worry about much of anything! Take care of the food, drinks, cake all at Sky Zone. It’s affordable and will spare you from having to clean up the mess.


  • $30 for 30 days. Play for 120 minutes everyday for 30 days = $1 a day!!
  • -MEGA VIP Party Package: Get 2 hours of jump and party room time, 1 VIP pass for all guests, pizza and beverages, and so much more! Maximum 10 jumpers. ON SALE FOR: $140!! Retail Value: $345 Total Savings: $200


Sky Zone BlaineEverything You Need to Know About Sky Zone Blaine | TwinCitiesKidsClub.com (18)

198 Northtown Dr.

Blaine, Minnesota 55434

Sky Zone MinneapolisEverything You Need to Know About Sky Zone Blaine | TwinCitiesKidsClub.com (19)

7625 Cahill Road

Edina, Minnesota 55439

Sky Zone Maple GroveEverything You Need to Know About Sky Zone Blaine | TwinCitiesKidsClub.com (20)

16501 County Road 30

Maple Grove, MN 55311

Sky Zone St. Paul/OakdaleEverything You Need to Know About Sky Zone Blaine | TwinCitiesKidsClub.com (21)

595 Hale Ave N

Oakdale, Minnesota 55128

We hope you enjoy your trip to Sky Zone! Don’t forget to join Twin Cities Kids Club today!

Everything You Need to Know About Sky Zone Blaine | TwinCitiesKidsClub.com (2024)


Do you have to wear Sky Zone socks? ›

Are socks required to jump at Sky Zone? Yes, we sell our patented SkySocks with our trademark grip on the bottom. They are required while jumping at Sky Zone and you can bring them back on your next visit to reuse as long as they are in good condition. Only Sky Zone Socks are able to be worn while jumping at Sky Zone.

How much are Skyzone socks? ›

The socks are included with your ticket price, but if you buy separately, they are $1/pair. You can bring them back and reuse them and get a $1 discount (as long as they are clean, in good shape, etc). All adults should be able to jump together, unless there is an extreme size difference between some of them.

What is the oldest age for Sky Zone? ›

All ages are welcome, and a Sky Zone liability waiver is required for each jumper (those under 18 must have their waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian). Weekends can get busy, so guarantee your jump time by reserving your spot online and sign your waiver in advance. Jump time begins every 15 minutes.

How profitable is Sky Zone? ›

In 2019, the company reported 30 million annual visitors, and $380 million in revenue.

What is the best thing to wear to Skyzone? ›

What should I wear to Sky Zone? We don't have a strict dress code, but recommend active wear or athleisure. Don't forget your SkySocks.

Are trampoline weight limits per person? ›

The single jumper weight capacity, which is the individual weight limit, is calculated by the manufacturer of the trampoline and is based on how heavy you are and how high you jump. It's set to protect jumpers from 'bottoming out' (touching the ground while jumping) when they meet maximum height on the trampoline.

Are Sky Zone Glow shirts free? ›

A GLOW T-shirt MUST be worn in order to jump. A GLOW shirt can be purchased for $5 and re-used for future GLOW sessions. A valid waiver and SkySocks are required to jump.

How much are insane air socks? ›

Insane Air grip socks are required, these cost £1.50 and can be re-used.

How much are altitude grip socks? ›

We require every jumper to wear Altitude Safety Socks (or your own as long as they have grips on the bottom), these socks can be purchased at any Altitude Park for $3 a pair. We enforce this rule to help keep our jumpers safe and parks clean!

Can adults go to the jump zone? ›

When you visit us at Jump Zone Liffey Valley be prepared for a unique and cutting edge experience at our new 25,000 square foot facility. Jump Zone is the first of its kind indoor trampoline sports park not only in Ireland but in the whole of Europe. All participants must be 5 years and older and 1 meter in height.

What do Sky Zone employees wear? ›

You would wear sweatpants (black) or shorts (black), and the company shirt. Orange Skyzone shirt with any black pants and the Skyzone land yard with name tag and whistle.

How old do you have to be to do a sky? ›

Prerequisites for Tandem Skydiving

Anyone under 18 must have the written consent of a parent or guardian (BPA Form 106). Please note that the minimum age for parachuting is 16, anyone under 18 must have the written consent of a parent or guardian. We have minimum fitness requirements.

How much does it cost to open a Sky Zone? ›

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is $1,567,500 to $4,029,500, depending on the size of the park (parks may range in size from 15,000 to 40,000 square feet). This includes $550,000 to $1,450,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.

Who is CEO of Sky Zone? ›

Earlier this year, Sky Zone's CEO, Shawn Hassel, shared the brand's commitment to sustained momentum, and how the company will accelerate franchise development through amplified support of the franchise network. Sky Zone is expecting to hit 300 parks by the end of 2024.

Did Sky Zone Buyout Rockin jump? ›

We acquired Rockin Jump in 2013 and Defy in 2017; bringing them under the Sky Zone umbrella. See how fitness, active entertainment, and interactive technology create a powerhouse of an opportunity.

Do you have to wear socks at a trampoline park? ›

Shoes are not allowed on any of our equipment. Leave your regular socks at home, too. At Elevate, we have special jump socks available for purchase. These socks help you grip the trampolines and plastic climbing areas, minimize the risk of slipping, and help keep the equipment and trampoline surfaces clean.

Should you wear socks or bare feet at trampoline park? ›

Is it better to go barefoot or wear socks on a trampoline? It's safer to wear socks on a trampoline as they provide better traction and grip, reducing the risk of slipping and enhancing stability during jumps and landings compared to going barefoot.

Do you have to wear ski socks? ›

Are ski socks necessary? Absolutely! They ensure optimal moisture wicking, provide comfort and warmth and prevent friction inside your boots.

What do Skyzone employees wear? ›

You would wear sweatpants (black) or shorts (black), and the company shirt. Orange Skyzone shirt with any black pants and the Skyzone land yard with name tag and whistle.


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