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Binge drinking is bigger problem than previously thought. U. S. adults binge drink more frequently and consume more drinks when they do. More than 38 million U.S. adults binge drink an average of four times a month, or almost once a week, with some consuming as much as eight drinks per binge according to a new Vital Signs report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While binge drinking is more common among young adults, ages 18-34, of those age 65 and older who report binge drinking, they do so more often − an average of 5 to 6 times a month.

Binge drinking is defined as consuming four or more drinks for women and five or more drinks for men on an occasion. Binge drinkers also put themselves and others at risk for many health and social problems, including car crashes, other unintentional injuries, violence, liver disease, certain cancers, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, and both unintended and alcohol-exposed pregnancies.

The cost of excessive alcohol use in the United States reached $249 billion in 2010, or about $2.05 per drink. Most (77%) of these costs were due to binge drinking.

According to the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation:

92% of the alcohol consumed by 12-14 year olds is through binge drinking
It seems innocent enough:

The party to celebrate the big game, the graduation celebration or the bash to ring in the weekend.Yet, the consequences that come with simply hosting a party where alcohol is served to people who are underage can change the party atmosphere into a sobering experience.​

If you break the law by serving a minor: